2017, A Flashback

  • Logged 493 hours 21 minutes on screen so far, about 11% wasted on social media ? More than 372 hours on productive time, averaged 3 hours 34 minutes daily
  • Closed bad idea, started new idea
  • Published my first book, an e-book on investing, Cerdas Berinvestasi
  • Published 206 articles or posts for Bolasalju, including protected articles for members
  • Generated 300k views from 175k visitors for Bolasalju. This is 64,84% increase from previous 182k most views!
  • Closed 427 orders and generated revenues for the first time for Bolasalju that able to support part of our operational costs. Thanks to Bolasalju’s customers and members!
  • Released my first WordPress’s plugin, SSL Secure Seal for WooCommerce
  • Provided my first contribution to major open source project. Not sure if it is accepted or not, but it seems on schedule for 3.4 release next year.
  • Created my first ruby gem, not publicly available yet
  • Six hundred thirteen kilometers in run or 381 miles. One half marathon race, one 10 miles runs, one 10 km runs (what? so low!), 13 of 5 mile runs, 31 of 5km runs, and 23 of 1 mile runs. 92,6 hours on the road. Low stats compared to last year run. But happy!
  • 24,699 pages in 63 books

What’s else? I’ll add more if I find them.