A New Beginning

I am a self-learner user experience designer from Indonesia. I spend most of my time designing wireframes and prototypes for various global companies for their web/mobile apps. I co-founded Digdaya, a small app studio, based in Jakarta and Jepara Indonesia, where I resides to develop iOS apps. At my spare time, I also like to be a private value investor, doing few activities like researching companies and finding good investment opportunities.

At this time of writing this post, I turn 33 years. I am married to Yani, father of Sofia—I am blessed having them riding our never-ending adventure.

Days, months and years turned as a fate, said some, the others would consider that as experience. I published blog at other places since 2002, but I unable to keep it for various reasons. So here I try to recreate a new one. This is an exciting new beginning.