About Me


Hello! My name is Arif Widianto. I am based on Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia.

I love making websites, designing interfaces, dan writing contents. Value investing is my other interest—that has many impacts to my family and me— and now it become my work to help others understanding this valuable investing paradigm. I founded Bolasalju.com at 2010. I make contents to help others making a smarter investing decision.

Nowadays, I work with WordPress, WooCommerce, occasionally Rails. Most of my time are for researching—for the fruitful taste of knowledge and finding values in new investment ideas. Yep, I read that boring annual report and financial statement stuff. Every day.

Aside from that, I spend time with my family, reading, and training for my next marathon (I want to beat my COT time ?). I would consider my works all are finding values.

Feel free to say hello to me to arif at widianto.com. See me at Bolasalju.com.