Arif Widianto musings on development, design, and craftmanship


This is me

Hello! I'm Arif Widianto, An iOS and Ruby developer at Digdaya, a small company I co-founded at 2011. I'm husband to Yani, and father of Sofia and Sonia. I live in Jepara, a small town with amazing wood carving art center and beaches, in Central Java, Indonesia.

I passionate about putting craftmanship into our work, to create beautiful, easy to use and useful products/services. I code mostly in Objective-C and Ruby (and Rails), HTML/CSS/JS, few Python, and accidentally tweaking some old PHP legacy code. I also practicing information architecture since 2007, designing wireframes, web prototypes, and specifications of several webs and mobile apps for various clients. Some computer language that I ever worked: C# .Net, PHP, VBScript in Active Server Pages, (and long before that) Fortran, Pascal and BASIC.