Admire someone? Write them an email, you might be surprised

This isn’t a unique story, either. Before I started working at Basecamp, I would occasionally email Jason – just to say hello and to thank him and the team for Basecamp. Eventually those individual emails turned into conversations. And those conversations ultimately turned into my dream job.

Our friend and current CEO of Highrise, Nate Kontny, has written about a similar story. He’s cold-emailed hundreds of people over the years. And while most have been ignored, some have started some really important conversations (like the one that led him to become the CEO of Highrise!).

Even DHH did that:

Around the same time I wrote @martinfowler and asked if I could redo the PoEAA online diagrams using OmniGraffle — DHH (@dhh) October 15, 2014

I sent few thank you note emails to open-source libraries authors, tough without ever getting any returns yet. But I am happy to sent those emails because I felt obligated to do so, they helped us a lot. But I never send emails just like this. Reminds us that we are human.