Anything You Want

Derek has some good—honest, naive, funny, inspiring—stories to tell. He is a good storyteller. He tells the truth about himself, even the bad ones. He succeed as a businessmen. He is open. He replied my email. He corrects my typos. And now he shared his story.

I liked all his story. Started as a librarian, then a musician, and selling CD of his own music, his friends’ CDs, and then hundred thousand of other musicians’ musics making $100 M sales. The best of it all, finally he sold his company, netting $22 to charity he formed, for the benefit of musicians. He makes mistakes, a lot, naive, honest, funny, and even unbelieveable story such as delegating his employees and they share all company profits to themself. He fired them all. What a story of some kind of over delegation.

I know him first from a Ruby on Rails Tutorial book, now, Derek, you teaches us a lot of thing from this book. Thank you!