My interest and passion to wireframing world began when I worked on a small wireframe project for this particular U.S. company. The task was to make registration process flow for their huge member base more easier and more efficient. It was March 2007. I was paid $1,500 for finishing that project.

Axure 4 First Project

Since worked on that project, I learned a new software for doing wireframe project, it called Axure. It was Axure 4.4. And the rest is history.

Today… I am proudly announce a site with this statement:

It aims to be the resources for wireframing and prototyping topic, especially for Axure software, and user experience and information in general.

It’s called

Axinside, Aug 20

I have the idea for this site since early this year, then I bought the domain on March 22. I tried to build some basic foundation for the site: CMS—which finally using Jekyll, a bit premade design with little customization, and setting up and managing hosting stuff. Later it was getting delayed due something here, project this, that travel, and so on, so on.

When Axure announced that they are about to launch new Axure RP version 8 last June, I decided that was the time I have to focus on this thing, seriously. So here we go.

Yesterday I published my first long post, about my first impressions of Axure RP Pro 8 Beta.

Wish me luck.