Investor Cerdas Podcast

Since October 19, 2018 I launched a new experiment. This time I am into podcasting business. It’s called Investor Cerdas podcast.

Investor Cerdas

Well, it’s not a business yet.

The idea, I thought, it should—at the very minimum— provides awareness of I don’t know and I don’t prepare on how long I would run this podcast. But, I really hope I can make it run a very long time. That’s why the three digits episode numbering ?

So what’s this podcast about? Investor Cerdas is a podcast (in Indonesian) about stock investing with a focus on how to achieve a safe, sustainable investment, especially using value investing paradigm. Indonesia has a very low financial literacy level. Indonesian stock investor, at the last time I checked, only about 750k people, compared to 180 million adults.

This is really just a start. I don’t have a proper podcasting equipments. I just use my old iPhone 5C all the way to record all episodes. And then edit them with GarageBand. I made mistakes such as, like bad recording, voices seems distance, speeches distraction, themes not so stright, etc, etc. After some 8 episodes, I there seems few mistakes here and there, tough. But I feel confident. I believe the podcast has been running well.

It has been distributed through iTunes and later to Spotify. Spotify actually provides good way that right now this podcast has been on top 20 on Business & Technology section in Indonesian podcast directory. It’s just two months and it already risen my S3 bills ?

Well, I have to think about that later.