I kept few diaries way back since my high school. Apparentley I have no success even tough I desired to do more with them. When digital lifestyle came into my life since 1997, this journaling habit of me getting much worse.

Until the last three or five years ago, I started to begin to love the journaling activity. I put some serious efforts to make journaling into my daily life.

I really glad to have diaries when I read some old records from our family travel to Thailand at 2013, or some notes around our experiences on moving to this place which we agreed to call it home, or some notes of my second daughter’s birth.

There were some interesting things to look back and I think we can refer to the notes more to make some future travels, future life events, more enjoyable.

Journal makes me realize that I am human. I feel this journaling habit keeps me sane, it makes me feel more closer to myself by knowing how at certain time doing or planning something, or what I didn’t do, or how I failed, or how I succeed at some things.

With repetitive tasks programmed to our life every day, the way journaling enabled me to feel this thing is extraordinary. Love, memories, and experiences. These are what I look for when I grab the pen and staring down to the clean page on my desk. And I really love that feeling to really write again, with hand, with pen, in a sheet of paper.

There are various ways to make journal, either via analog notebook (ala moleskine, but cheaper price), or using digital methods. I’ve tried some of them, but to be honest, I think my rate of success is decent. Some of my favorite journaling apps are iA Writer app, Notes app, Evernote, and Day One app (only trying the iOS version, got it free).

Today I find a journaling method called Bullet Journal. This framework seems workable and promising. This framework offers a way to jot down tasks, notes, and events methodically easy. This framework providing a way for us to record and look back our records through various indexes, future reminders, all the way, I believe, just enough for making daily, weekly, monthly log, and yearly log.

Actually I’ve tried some methods like this, such as: separating some entries in my journal for working stuffs, family, notes, etc. And then I also tried to reschedule some list to other days, or a way to look how long I managed to do something, or how’s my performance for certain times. I also tried to make some signifiers and reminder to certain date. But, due to some lack of disciplines or not consistent process, then I easily get lost. I’m sure I will try this framework and see what comes next. This makes journaling even more useful.