On Ruby and Rails

I have apps consume APIs that were written using PHP in CodeIgniter framework. The system still working. There has to be few modification, and improvement. I made little fix here and there, but not so much.

Now I have this situation. The programmer who did the API are no longer working with us, for good reason. So I have to deal with the API system. I understand PHP. I knew how to do few magic with it :). But as I recalled, the last code which I write in PHP for serious web apps were written at 2007/2008. CakePHP was my framework of choice at that time. But that was too long. And I am not comfortable doing PHP anymore.

It could be my fault not doing thorough analysis for picking the right platform for the API. But we know right or wrong are subjective matter. We have no luxury to make lengthy debate at that time. The people, the time, the resources are limited. Given the situation, we had to choose CI. We were in agile mode. And I believe it was a good decision at that time.

So I have to make a choice again.

I decide to continue my adventure in Ruby, and especially the Rails’s world.

First reason, I can’t doing PHP any more. It’s only the same learning curve, tough there would be lots familiar routes. Second reason, I already make few Ruby programs to help some of my work for the last two years, and it was great things to do. I like Ruby (subjectively!). I did few research, reading pros and cons opinions, making notes from experiences of great programmers out there. For all I know, Ruby (and Rails) offers me new spirit that I seek. I believe it could be a great adventure to come.

So let’s ride 🙂