Your Aug 28, 2014 payment to Pinboard for $10.48 is complete.

I finally registered a account. I desperately need a new bookmarking service, after realizing that my old favorite bookmarking services (no mention, I promised) getting slower and much slower. I am considering using other services as well, trying to justify whether or not I need a paid service, like: Evernote (seems slow workflow), Google Bookmarks (want to ignore Google), or even a private bookmark in an archiving apps that I currently use (seems not ideal). My consideration: should be cloud service, don’t have to be social, can be paid service, and most of all should be fast and easy to use, comfortable to my workflow. After much thought, I bet on to try it.

I’ve imported all my bookmarks over pinboard. Then I use Unsavory to clean out dead links. I even have tried a pinboard gem, just to make sure I am have fun with it. Yeah 🙂