The New Face of Indonesian Democracy


The last Indonesian presidential election was held on July 9th, 2014, was the proudest moment for all of us here at Indonesia. As the largest muslim nation in the world at edge of the harshest transition period, we finally able to elect our new president, peacefully, tough through a lot of drama, and we seems will have a lot battle to come.

Why matter? Let me introduce a bit. Mr. Joko Widodo a former major of Solo city that recently took seat as Jakarta governor, has beaten Mr. Prabowo Subianto, a former general from the latest regime, which by himself has a lot of notes—who also the son-in-law of the latest dictator Soeharto, known as reigned Indonesian presidency for about 32 years. Just imagine, the general was backed up my major parties that made coalition more than enough to win over Mr. Widodo coalition, about 60% vs 40%. In the campaign, Mr. Widodo’s opponent have tried all the brutal ways, conducted some series of serious attacks: from races, religions, corrupt allegiation—all proven to be wrong—all resulted public polarization, surprisingly this also invited public involvements through political activities. Me and wife included. We actively campaigning Mr. Widodo through social media and off media, via phone, and going to street. What a time we recalled them all now. All of these public encouragement in the last week drove Mr. Widodo popularity, that made Mr. Widodo won with 8% margin, about 8 million people votes. Followed the election result, Mr. Subianto claimed the election has many problems, he then filed an appeal to constitutional court, the court delivered a unanimous 9-0 verdict in favor of rejecting all aspects of the appeal. Seems enough, well not, it seems the gang planted holes on some new legislations that we Indonesian feels capable of destroying our democracy, for example the latest new legislation on choosing local leaders.

I promise this is the latest political message I put on this blog, because it’s matter. Unless there seems new things matter I might post other. Mr. Joko Widodo presidency is our biggest hope to get this 230 million people nation to the brightest future, well at least, he is going to try his best to solve the biggest problem we have: corruption, inefficiency in bureaucracy, and making a lot development progress, and giving many bright ideas where to lead this nation. And if not him, the opposition seems ready to attack from many sides. Thankfully, Indonesian seems have a many hope, there seems a lot of new leaders that proven to be able to got people trust and willing to bring Indonesia move forward to a better future. But this start by Mr. Widodo is important. If he can manage his job well for the next 5 years, we have a lot more hope.

At October 20th, 2014—next four days—Indonesia will have new president. His name is Joko Widodo.