The Terminal

Craig Hockenberry, introduced his great and lengthy guide, The Terminal:

I’ve been using the Unix command line since 1983 and like most software developers, the Terminal app is a permanent fixture in my Dock. Over the years I’ve learned a lot of things that make working in this environment more productive, but even old dogs like me are constantly learning new tricks.

Coming from Windows world, as I recalled on my first time using OS X (mid-2007), and then linux (early 2013, yes, in this order), I was blown away by how much power and simplicity we have by using terminal. Tough become comfortable in using them, and I have setup that I keep using if I use new laptop, I still want to learn new trick and feel way behind so many others. I even put some favorite commands and tricks in a shared file so I get ready when I tried to do something. With that, I still feel this guide could help me alot.