Working at Home

I have been working at home for the last 7 years now. It’s a heck of experience for me and my family. Good and bad. Many good things tough. I realized many people fantasizing to be able working at home, but truth is, neighbor yard seems always greener.

Here how I look at the state of working at home.

Time Management. First things first. No matter how good you are in your things, if you couldn’t handle the time, it would be a mess.

  • Distractions. Everything can be a distraction to you. Your family, yeah kids are always. Postman knocking at door can distract you. A neighbor can. Tough to be fair, if you are at the office, every other things could be a distractions.
  • Money matters. At the end of the day, money matters. By working at home, as  to any independent type of working or freelancing, there were payment cycle. These cycle if not managed well could raise a problem. And money problem could be tedious. Hard problem.
  • Administrative stuffs. Since you are the only man at your own office. You don’t have other to pay the bills, calling providers on intermittent problems, going to the bank, reporting tax, etc. Also, you have to be good managing your book-keeping, the ins and outs of your money. You could ask helps from others for these things, but it costs you more.
  • Working in pajama. This is the first thing everyone know. Sounds nice, huh? But this just a little thing to get you excited. The important things is, no matter in pajama or wearing office dress, it’s how you utilize your time to get things done.
  • Boring stuffs. Many said working at cubicles is boring. But working at home definitely attracts more boredom. See, at the office you could be transferred, change room, moving to other building, etc. At home you only have your work room, or some other place if you could work by moving around. The challenge is to  create exciting working environments. Thanks to your home. Real windows, free air, birds, butterflies at yard, they could help satisfying your soul.
  • Getting Productive. Still, whenever you could manage all of above, getting yourself to be productive is another stuff to deal with. I’ve managed to utilize many softwares and tools and methods to help me with, but I still learn a lot, and try harder to make myself productive.
  • Power-off. This happens a lot in Indonesia. More off-time if you lived in few area with deficits of electricity. Power-off happens a lot, at long hours. It always could kill your mood, and your target.
  • Family. You need your family to supports you while working at home, and vice versa. It always a challenge. As to my experience, my family and I enjoy this things now. As a parents of two little girls, it always huge matters to me and my wife to be able to spend a wonderful time with them. We could chat anytime we want (warning: remember productivity and distractions), we could hang out to public parks, I could go to library with my big daughter, and many more. But at the end of every day, my family supported me so I could have at least 4 hours, 8 hours, or 10 hours working time, depending on my plan on that day.
  • It’s you that matters. I think this is  the most important thing about working at home. I believe not everyone born to be able to work at home. If you are certain kind of person that could handle loneliness, can handle boredom, can manage productivity, could manage family and getting support from them, could manage other surprising stuffs. Well, working at home could be a wonderful journey.